The Little Rock book group, patterned after the original group in Cambridge, has been meeting since April 2012.

Our mission is to overcome stereotypes and to foster mutual respect and understanding among Muslim, Jewish, and Christian women. We do this through the slow, thoughtful work of getting to know each other over a good book—offering one another a window into our living experience of faith, and in the process, building an interfaith community of women who can speak intelligently about one another’s faith.

Our group includes women who self-identify with one of the three faiths and are willing to share how this identity, with all its nuances and cultural diversity, adds to the shape and texture of our lives.

We want to deepen our knowledge of our own and one another’s faiths by reading books that express diverse religious beliefs, practices, and experiences. The common thread in our book selections is that the books help us learn about one another and our religions.

The Little Rock Daughters of Abraham Women’s Interfaith Book Group met with John Philip Newell, Scottish theologian and noted author.

“…we need to find ways of sharing our intimate experiences of the Mystery, for we are one. It is through one another that we will know more of the Life that flows within us all. It is through sharing our fragments of insight that we will come to a fuller picture of the One who is at the heart of each life.”

– John Philip Newell, from A New Harmony: The Spirit, the Earth, and the Human Soul.